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   Boutique Bed & Breakfast   

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116Townhouse is a traditional Maltese Townhouse situated in the old historical village of Rabat, Malta, which locality dates back to the 19th Century.  From the research carried out about 116Townhouse, its first owner was Giuseppe Portelli and its construction started around 1899. At that time the address was Cinquantadue, Strada Vittoria, a time in which all deeds where done in Italian. Its first buyer was Theresa Micallef.  It was always owned by the same family, inherited as time went by.  

Fast forward to 2016, the house was purchased by the Frendo Family with the dream of making their first family boutique bed and breakfast.  The whole renovation of the house took 3 years mostly because the house is situated into an Urban Conservation Area; taking this into consideration while incorporating all the latest technology and keeping all the original features was no easy task.

Local craftsmanship was used throughout, ensuring that the house retains its original beams, maltese tiles which are all hand made. A whole chapter can be written about these tiles of great prestige which, unfortunately, due to lack of craftsmanship and the cost of being replicating is becoming very rare in Maltese houses. One cannot leave out the maltese balcony or as known in Malta the “gallarija” which is the focal point of 116Townhouse façade, this was beautifully restored to its former glory by one of the island top carpenters.

TODAY 116Townhouse consists of 5 luxury rooms on 3 floors with the majority of the rooms either having a terrace or a balcony. A reception area also serves as a lounge and breakfast area and finally there’s a roof terrace with views of St Sebastian Church where one can unwind and relax with a book and some local wine.



All our rooms reflect Maltese traditions and craftsmanship whilst incorporating  all modern amnities one can find in a boutique accommodation





Traditional Maltese Breakfast will be served every morning from 7.30am till 9.00am 

Free Wifi


Free throughout the property 

Roof Terrace


Maltese food and wine tasting can be organised on our roof  terrace weather permitting

Daily Housekeeping


We provide free daily
housekeeping service. 



Rooms 2 to 5 are serviced with a mini kitchen including microwave, retro fridge and kettle. Complimentary tea, coffee and sugar in each room.


is free in near by roads.





Wineries Tour

Exploring the Studio Boutique of a renowned Local Artist

Gastronomy Tour and Cooking Class

Fine Dining Experience/
cooking with the chef 

Olive Grove Tour and Tasting 

Boat Trip



Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend a lovely eve at a boutique house which will be opening its doors in Rabat soon!

116 Townhouse B&B is an absolute gem! As you roam around you realise that the hosts of this townhouse want to give the visitor a memorable, authentic Maltese experience in a luxurious setting. The ample living space in each room is one you’d find yourself getting addicted to. As you would to the roof garden! 🤩

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